Who is Betty?

Betty is named after the founder's mom. She was the mom that always had a fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies available for the neighborhood kids when they wanted to take a break from playing. She also always had time if you had a problem that needed talking about.

She lived a life that made you understand that when we come to the end of our time here, we really need to have made a difference in the world.

Her Legacy

We hope to remind you of being a kid, and something that kids will ask for by name. We make small-batch caramels in a variety of flavors: plain, coffee, raspberry, lemon, london fog, and three new flavors are on their way. 

When you buy caramels from Betty, we donate part of every purchase to two non-profits making a huge difference in the world.

The first is the Lakota Peoples Law Project . They are dedicated to reversing the genocide of the Lakota People and destruction of their culture. They partner with indigenous communities helping to protect sacred lands and human rights, and so much more.

The second is the Innocence Project. They work to prevent wrongful convictions, free people who have been wrongfully incarcerated. Their work is guided by science and grounded in anti-racism.

The two dollars per purchase that we donate comes right off the top, before expenses are paid.

Betty is local to Vermont right now, but we know that even in this small section of the United States, we can make a difference. When the time is right, Betty will expand and we will be able to donate even more money to important causes. 

So, come for the caramels because they are really good, and know that your money is going directly to social justice.